Sakeology Center is introduced in Innovative Learning April 2023 issue

The article “Leading Future Life Innovation and Co-Creating with Society,” an interview with USHIKI Tatsuo, M.D., Ph.D., President of Niigata University, is introduced in the section of “Special Feature: Community x Education Innovation in Niigata Prefecture” of the April 2023 issue of the magazine Innovative Learning (published by The Graduate School of Social Design, Advanced Academic Agency) (*).
In the interview, President USHIKI Tatsuo highlights the initiatives of Sakeology Center as one of the unique research projects of Niigata University.

The same article also appears on the website Innovative Learning Online.
Innovative Learning April 2023 issue is here. (The linked website is in Japanese)
・The article is here. (Members-only content in Japanese)

(*) Innovative Learning is a comprehensive education magazine that features interdisciplinary educational themes linked to social changes, including not only elementary, secondary, and higher education but also early childhood education and recurrent education, under the editorial policies of “Designing Education for the Next Generation” and “Linking Education and Society.  (Quoted from the website)