Contents of Sakeology Center have been adopted for Original Content of Japan Virtual Campus (JV-Campus)

Three contents of Sakeology Center have been adopted for Original Content (*) in Japan Virtual Campus (JV-Campus) Collection.
JV-Campus is the Japan-based Online International Education Platform that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan has developed as part of its Top Global University Project (TGUP).

[Adopted contents]
– Learn about Sakeology (1): Overview of Sakeology and Sake Brewing
– Learn about Sakeology (2): Sake, Society, and Culture
– Learn about Sakeology (3): Sake and Health

The Contents created by Sakeology Center will be delivered as Original Content in JV-Campus Collection from September 2023 or later.


(*) Original Content is educational content developed by Japan Forum for Internationalization of Universities on the JV-Campus online education platform with the aim of further strengthening international acceptability and competitiveness of higher education. (Quoted from the website concerned)
Forty-four contents were adopted in the first call for it. The list of adopted Original Content is available here.

Niigata University is currently offering “Knowledge-based Tourism of Sakeology: Exploring Niigata Sake” (2020 and 2022) as “Online Lectures and International Contents” via JV-Campus Individual Institution Box (Niigata University).
The contents are available here.