Summer school with the University of Bordeaux, France (FY 2022) was held

Based on our collaborative agreement (*) with the University of Bordeaux, France, the Bordeaux Summer School, “Wine and sake: the cutting-edge of oenology and sakeology,” hosted by the University of Bordeaux, was jointly held from August 29 to September 2, 2022. The School was held on-site at the University of Bordeaux this year, whereas it was held on the web last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 13 students from various backgrounds from around the world participated, including 3 from Niigata University (master’s students in Sakeology Course) and 4 from the University of Bordeaux (students and research students). As for faculty members (including lecturers), a total of 20 from both Niigata University and the University of Bordeaux were involved in the program.


During the five-day lectures, each university provided an introduction to Sakeology and oenology, as well as the latest research, issues, and prospects for sake and wine in a wide range of fields, including raw material production, brewing microorganisms, quality control, history, consumer perception with a focus on labels, marketing exercises, globalization, law, medicine, health science, etc.


In the tasting session, students learned about tasting techniques and the characteristics of the sake and wine to be evaluated, and then evaluated flavor, taste, color, etc., with a scientific perspective.

In the afternoon session, students visited an innovative winemaking company and a cognac manufacturer to learn about their history and the concept of R&D and new product development in their companies.

It was a valuable learning opportunity for students to communicate with each other, which is only possible when the program is held on-site.
And it was a beneficial opportunity for not only students but also faculty to deepen their understanding of and interest in Sakeology and oenology, and to engage in valuable international exchange.


(*) In January 2019, an inter-university exchange agreement was established between Niigata University and the University of Bordeaux, and a collaborative agreement was signed between Sakeology Center, Niigata University (SCNU) and the Institute of Vine & Wine Science, University of Bordeaux (ISVV).

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