The 3rd Sakeology Symposium “2020: The Future of Sakeology” was held online

Niigata University, Niigata Pre fecture, and Niigata Sake Brewers Association held the 3rd Sakeology Symposium, “2020: The Future of Sakeology” on December 15, 2020.

This year, the symposium was held online for the first time in view of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The symposium attracted 228 participants from universities inside and outside the prefecture, research institutes, private companies, and the general public.

At the symposium, the activity reports from Sakeology Center and the research reports by specially appointed assistant professors were presented. Furthermore, in a session titled “Expectations for Sakeology,” the speeches were delivered by government and industry representatives, including Mr. ODAIRA Shunji, Chairman of Niigata Sake Brewers Association; GOTOH Nami, Ph.D., President of National Research Institute of Brewing; FUSHIKI Tohru, Ph.D., Chairman of Washoku Association of Japan, Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, Ryukoku University; and Ms. SAKAMOTO Mikiko, Executive officer of the East Japan Railway Company.

During the symposium, the digest version of “Knowledge-based Tourism of Sakeology: Exploring Niigata Sake” was premiered, enabling viewers to virtually experience lectures on Sakeology and a sake brewery tour. This series of videos was made with the support of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan through the Japan Arts Council under its FY 2020 program.

The videos are available for viewing below. We hope you will take the opportunity to watch them.

“Knowledge-based Tourism of Sakeology: Exploring Niigata Sake”