Created video program “Knowledge-based Tourism of Sakeology: Exploring Niigata Sake”

The Sakeology Center received a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan under the “FY 2020 Cultural Resource Content Creation Project based on the Japan Cultural Expo: Innovation Project”, and created a series of videos on Sakeology titled “Knowledge-based Tourism of Sakeology: Exploring Niigata Sake.”

There are three main video programs.

The first is “Introduction to Sakeology,” which presents a condensed version of the essence of Niigata University’s “Sakeology” lectures in eight 5-minute segments.

The second is “Exploring Sake Brewery in Niigata,” which introduces traditional and modern sake brewing nurtured by the bounty of nature in Niigata.

The third is “The Spirit of Toji : Passion for Sake Brewing,” which features a Q&A session between two tojis, chief sake brewers, and international students seeking to find out more about the toji‘s passion for sake brewing.

By watching these videos, you will discover the essence of Sakeology and the appeal of Niigata Sake.

The videos are available for viewing below. We hope you will take the opportunity to watch them.

In addition, we are conducting a viewer survey as a project of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. We ask those who have watched one or more of our videos to complete a questionnaire. We would appreciate your cooperation.

Questionnaire URL (English version)

Due Date: February 28, 2021 (Sunday)

Target: Everyone is welcome to respond