Sakeology A, B, and C courses for FY2023 were launched

Sakeology A (Introduction), Sakeology B (Practical), and Sakeology C (Practical examples of research) were launched for FY2023.

Sakeology A (Introduction) was offered online from April 12 (Wed) to August 2 (Wed). The lectures began with an explanation of the origins of Sakeology and covered a wide range of topics related to sake, including basic scientific knowledge of sake production processes, cultural aspects of sake such as its history and regionality, the sake tax system, economics and management, sake etiquette, the relationship between alcohol and brain, the state of sake overseas, comparisons with other alcoholic beverages such as beer, food pairings, and other aspects of sake. Lecturers were not only faculty members of Sakeology Center but also experts in various fields from within and outside Niigata University. Almost 1,000 students requested to attend the course, out of a maximum capacity of 460.

Sakeology B (Practical) is a two-day intensive course for students over 20 years old who have earned credits for Sakeology A. This year, the course was held on August 9 (Wed) and 10 (Thu) and was offered face-to-face as in the previous year.
On the first day, the course was held at Sakelogy Center. Lecturers from Niigata Prefectural Sake Research Institute gave an introductory lecture on sake tasting, after which students tried it as a practical exercise. In addition, a cooking expert delivered a lecture on food pairing with sake, introducing a variety of dishes that go well with sake, and students got a hands-on learning experience.
On the second day, with the cooperation of Sasaiwai Brewery Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Matsunoo, Nishikan-ku, Niigata), students visited there and received lectures. The brewery president gave a lecture on the sake brewing initiatives after touring sake brewery. In the afternoon, lecturers from Niigata Sake Brewers Association gave lectures titled “Regional Revitalization through Sake,” followed by a lively discussion between the lecturers and students. The two-day course was concluded with a lecture on the sake drinking manners (drinking etiquette) by Mr. HIRATA Dairoku, former principal of Niigata Sake School. Twenty students attended the course.

Sakeology C (Practical examples of research) was offered from June 14 (Wed)  to August 2 (Wed). Same as last year, this year’s course was face-to-face. Five specially appointed faculty members from Sakeology Center gave lectures on the latest research in various fields related to sake. The final lecture was titled “Consideration of Sakeology,” in which the five lecturers answered questions from students to deepen their study of Sakeology. Over 250 students applied for the course out of a total capacity of 100.

For more information on each course, please visit the education page of the Sakeology Center website.


Sakeology B at Sasaiwai Brewery Co., Ltd.


Sakeology C