Research on Sakeology is introduced in Evergreen, Niigata University Web Magazine

Sakeology is featured in a series of articles on Evergreen*, Niigata University Web Magazine.
The articles introduce the research of KISHI Yasuyuki, Ph.D., Vice Director of Sakeology Center, and KAKIHARA Yoshito, Ph.D., Sakeology Center, who are conducting research on Sakeology in different fields of humanities and science.
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Evergreen, Niigata University Web Magazine (The articles are in Japanese)

Dynamic capability of traditional industries
-The Sake industry revealed through traditional preservation and innovation-


Exploring the health benefits of sake lees


*Evergreen, Niigata University Web Magazine, introduces feature articles on the university’s educational and social contribution activities as well as unique research topics.
The magazine has newly started a series of articles in which faculty members from other fields are engaged in research on a single theme, and Sakeology has been featured as the first article in the series.