Joint research by Dr. HATA Yuki, Dr. SATO Mami and Dr. SUNANO Yui was adopted for “FY2022 U-go Grant”

The joint research by HATA Yuki, Ph.D., Specially Appointed Assistant Professor of Sakeology Center, Niigata University(SCNU); SATO Mami, Ph.D., Specially appointed Assistant Professor of SCNU; and SUNANO Yui, Ph.D., Cooperating Faculty Member of SCNU, Assistant Professor of College of Creative Studies entitled “From ‘the best of all medicines’ to ‘nurture all medicines’: Re-examining of the significance of sake through kusurizake,” (Principal researcher: Dr. HATA Yuki) was adopted for “FY2022 U-go Grant” as a continuing research project.

This research aims to re-examine the significance of sake through cooperation among the three fields, cultural history of Japan, biochemistry and area studies, with the theme of kusurizake (it consists of two words: kusuri (medicine) and zake (sake)), which is made by immersing food ingredients in sake.


List of Research Projects Adopted for “FY2022 U-go Grant” (in Japanese)


The “U-go Grant” is an internal research grant program of Niigata University that aims to promote research through collaboration and integration that transcends disciplinary boundaries, to strengthen further basic and applied research capabilities in a wide range of fields from the natural sciences to the humanities and social sciences, and to form the basis for obtaining external funding in the future.