A new book, Sakeology Lectures, has been published

A new book, Sakeology Lectures (edited by Sakeokogy Center, Niigata University), has been published by MINERVASHOBO on March 24, 2022.

Niigata University has been offering the lectures “Sakeology” since 2018, and this book was written by the faculty members of Sakeology Center, and in-house faculty members and external lecturers in particular fields of specialization, who gave the very first lecture “Sakeology A” and summarized their contents.

Please take a look.

*This book is written in Japanese.

【Table of Contents】
Introduction Introduction to Sakeology
 Column 1  Sake Yeast and Its Surroundings

Part I Basics of Sake
 Chapter 1  What is Sake?
 Chapter 2  History of Sake
 Column 2  Sake in Japanese Classical Literature

Part II Sake and Region
 Chapter 3  Regionality of Sake and Characteristics of Niigata Sake
 Chapter 4  Regionality and Diversity of Sake
 Chapter 5  Initiatives and Changes of Niigata Sake Brewers Associations
 Column 3  Sakeology from the Perspective of Rice Cultivation

Part III Sake and Science
 Chapter 6  Sake and Food
 Chapter 7  Sake and Health
 Chapter 8  Alcohol and the Brain
 Column 4  Secrets of Food Palatability
 Column 5  The Association between Diabetes Mellitus and Alcohol Intake

Part IV Sake and Society
 Chapter 9  Management and Sociology of Sake
 Chapter 10  Globalization of Japanese Alcoholic Beverages
 Chapter 11  Sake and Tax
 Column 6  Sake Lees and Health

Part V Sake and Culture
 Chapter 12  Sake Etiquette
 Chapter 13  Be a Sake Ambassador
 Chapter 14  Culture of Ryotei and Kagai in relation to Sake
 Column 7  Sake from Overseas Perspectives