Second Sakeology Symposium was held

The 2nd Sakeology Symposium/10th Niigata University Kariwa Village Advanced Agro-Biotechnology Research Center Forum. jointly organized with the Niigata University Kariwa Village Advanced Agro-Biotechnology Research Center, was conducted at the Niigata University Central Library Hall and lecture halls of the Faculty of Agriculture.

The symposium was titled “The Cutting-edge of Sakeology and Oenology” and featured lectures by Professor Patrick Lucas from the University of Bordeaux and wine producers from Bordeaux; IWASHITA Kazuhiro and OKUDA Masaki, department heads of National Research Institute of Brewing; Professor OHYA Yoshikazu from Tokyo University; MARUYAMA Sanzaemon from the Committee for Demand Promotion, Niigata Sake Brewers Association and Executive Committee of Niigata Sake no Jin; KANDA Kazuaki, President of the Iwanohara Vineyard Co., Ltd.; and Stéphane BECQUET from Vignerons Bio de la NouvelleAquitaine/l’Institute del’agriculture et del’amentation biologiques, agronomist and winemaker.

About 270 participants took part in the symposium over two days.

For more details, please see Niigata University website.