Sakeology A, B, and C courses for FY2021 were held

Sakeology A-1 (Basic), Sakeology A-2 (Advanced), and Sakeology B (Practical) were held for FY2021 online.
In addition, a new course, Sakeology C (Practical examples of research), was added from this year. Sakeology C allows students to learn about cutting-edge research in various disciplines related to sake through lectures where the specially appointed faculty members from Sakeology Center introduce their respective research.

Sakeology A was offered online from April 14 (Wed) to August 4 (Wed).
In addition to lectures covering a wide range of knowledge about sake, including basic scientific knowledge about how sake is made, cultural aspects such as the history and regional characteristics of sake, the sake tax system, manners of drinking sake, and sake and health, we also invited an outside lecturer to give developmental lectures titled “Learning the elements necessary for global expansion from wine.”
More than 1,000 students expressed interest in this course, which had a capacity of 460.

Sakeology B, the summary of the Sakeology lectures, is a two-day intensive lecture with a capacity of 25 students over the age of 20 who have earned credits for Sakeology A.
This year, the course was held on September 21 (Tue) and 22 (Wed).
Since the lectures were offered online, some of the contents were changed from the syllabus information.
On the first day, lecturers from Niigata Prefectural Sake Research Institute gave students lectures on sake tasting, sense of taste, taste and aroma of sake, and practical training on the aroma characteristics of sake. In the food pairing lecture, students learned about various dishes that go well with sake.
On the second day, with the cooperation of lecturers from Kirinzan Brewery Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tsugawa, Aga, Higashikanbara, Niigata) and Niigata Sake Brewers Association, students were given a video tour of the brewery and lectures on the actual process of sake brewing and efforts to revitalize the region through sake.
At the end of the two-day lecture, Mr. HIRATA Dairoku, former Principal of Niigata Sake School, gave a lecture on the etiquette of drinking sake.

Sakeology C, newly launched this year, was offered online from June 16 (Wed) to August 4 (Wed).
Five Specially Appointed Assistant Professors of Sakeology Center introduced the latest research related to sake in their respective fields of expertise. In the last lecture, titled “Consideration of Sakeology,” the all lecturers answered questions from the students to deepen the study of Sakeology.
More than 200 students expressed interest in this course, which had a capacity of 100.

For more information on each lecture, please visit the education page of Sakeology Center website.