Joint research by Dr. HATA Yuki, Dr. SATO Mami and Dr. KAKIHARA Nahoko was adopted for “FY2021 U-go Grant”

The joint research by HATA Yuki, Ph.D., Specially Appointed Assistant Professor of Sakeology Center, Niigata University(SCNU); SATO Mami, Ph.D., Specially appointed Assistant Professor of SCNU; and KAKIHARA Nahoko, Ph.D., Cooperating Faculty Member of SCNU, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences entitled “From ‘the best of all medicines’ to ‘nurture all medicines’: Re-examining of the significance of sake through kusurizake,” (Principal researcher: Dr. HATA Yuki) was adopted for “FY2021 U-go Grant.”

This research aims to re-examine the significance of sake through cooperation among the three fields, cultural history of Japan, biochemistry and nursing, with the theme of kusurizake (it consists of two words: kusuri (medicine) and zake (sake)), which is made by immersing food ingredients in sake.


List of Research Projects Adopted for “FY2021 U-go Grant” (in Japanese)


The “U-go Grant” is an internal research grant program of Niigata University that aims to promote research through collaboration and integration that transcends disciplinary boundaries, to strengthen further basic and applied research capabilities in a wide range of fields from the natural sciences to the humanities and social sciences, and to form the basis for obtaining external funds in the future.