The 4th Sakeology Seminar in FY2022, “Applied Protistology -Effect of predatory protists on rice plant-,” was held

On January 19, 2023, the 4th Sakeology Seminar in FY2022 “Applied Protistology -Effect of predatory protists on rice plant-” was held. In the seminar, ASILOGLU M. Rasit, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, Cooperating Faculty Member of Sakeology Center, gave a lecture on his research.

Dr. Asiloglu introduced his latest research that predatory protists in the soil promote the growth of rice plants by regulating the endophytic bacterial community and altering the bacterial community in rhizosphere.


The 5th Sakeology Seminar in FY2022 is scheduled for March 2023.
*Sakeology Seminar is open to the faculty members and staff of Niigata University.