Niigata University WeeK2021 “Invitation to Sakeology, starting at Niigata University” will be held

Niigata University WeeK2021 event will introduce the lectures, initiatives, and future plans of Sakeology, which started at Niigata University, and also tour the new facilities of Sakeology Center online.
In the introduction of the lectures, we will present a digest version of Sakeology C, which launched this year. Please come and experience the Sakeology lectures.
We will also take you on a virtual lab tour of the Center’s research facilities.
We look forward to seeing many of you there.
(This event will be held in Japanese.)

Date and time:  October 16 (Sat) 10:00 – October 24 (Sun) 17:00
Method:  YouTube (on-demand streaming)
Application Form:
Application Due Date:  October 21 (Thu) 15:00
Fee:  Free of charge *Please bear the cost of online communication.

What is “Niigata University WeeK”?
Under the catchpfrase “Learn at Niigata University. Play at Niigata University.”, Niigata University will hold online university festival and lectures that stimulate intellectual curiosity from October 16 (Sat) to 24 (Sun).
Click here for the Niigata University WeeK2021 special website.