Research theme of researchers in Niigata University, Sakeology Center (excerpt)
Faculty of Agriculture Professor MITSUI, Toshiaki Research on the quality of sake rice
Faculty of Agriculture Professor FUJIMURA, Shinobu Science of sake and taste
Faculty of Agriculture Professor SUZUKI, Kazushi Isolation of yeast for sake brewing
Faculty of Agriculture Assistant Professor ITO, Ryouji Sake Economy
Faculty of Economics Associate Professor KISHI, Yasuyuki Globalization of Sake
Faculty of Law Assistant WATANABE, Hideo Sake manners
Faculty of Humanity Professor HARA, Naofumi History of sake brewing
Faculty of Education Professor INO, Yoshihiro Sake brewing song
Faculty of Science Professor NISHIKAWA, Shuh-ichi Yeast Genetics
Faculty of Dentistry Associate Professor OKAMOTO, Keiichiro Sake and health
Faculty of Engineering Professor OKAZAKI, Atsuyuki Sake and the Culture of Traditional Japanese Restaurants and Geisha Districts
Brain research institute Associate Professor TAKEI, Nobuyuki Alcohol and the brain