Study on components in sake brewing products and their health benefits


Sake, a brewed alcoholic beverage, is rich in components other than alcohol, and its by-product, sake lees, contains many nutrients and microbial metabolites. In this theme, we search for biologically active compounds that are useful for maintaining and promoting health from the components contained in sake and sake lees, and elucidate the underlying mechanisms. We will contribute to the study of bioactive compounds that are useful for improving the health and QOL of the elderly as well as discovering new appeal and values of sake Japan’s national alcohol drink.

Fig. 1 Investigation of physiological effects of sake and sake lees based on Biochemistry and Molecular Biological approaches

Fig. 2 Exploration of novel values of sake brewing products
by the interdisciplinary approach


Faculty Member, Sakeology Center / Assistant Professor, Faculty of Dentistry KAKIHARA Yoshito
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Sakeology Center SATO Mami

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