Society and Culture

Clarifying the Semantic World of Sake


Sake is a cultural product embedded in the history and tradition of Japan. By taking a multidisciplinary approach from the perspectives of organization studies, cultural history, and law to this cultural product, we elucidate the semantic world of sake. Specifically, we are focusing on multidisciplinary research taking advantage of regional characteristics, on such topics as follows.

1) Analysis of the cultural function of sake through the historical literatures and traditions that remain in the region
2) Analysis of the use of history and tradition in rhetorical marketing
3) The impact of the GI (Geographical Indication) protection system on consumption and international expansion

Fig. 1 Registered Symbol “GI Mark”
Source) Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Fig.2  Shuhanron emaki
Source) National Diet Library Digital Collection


Vice Director, Sakeology Center / Associate Professor, Faculty of Economic Sciences KISHI Yasuyuki
Faculty Member, Sakeology Center / Assistant, Faculty of Economic Sciences WATANABE Hideo
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Sakeology Center HATA Yuki

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